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Businesses "Think" They Don't Need Cybersecurity...Until They Do!

If you have been in the Information Technology (IT) industry long enough, 9 times out of 10 you have asked businesses, government entities, etc.: "How do they protect their customers data? Who does your upgrading and patching? Who is assessing your network for vulnerabilities?" The most typical answers are nobody, we don't have an IT department or we don't need an IT person. Well....needless to say a couple months from now, they get hacked and what do you know.

It happened to large businesses like Target, Walmart, and even the government (Read:How OPM was hacked) but many businesses refuse to acknowledge the need for cybersecurity. Many businesses are still trying to transition to the 21st century!

Can you believe that some businesses are still using Windows XP? According to TechRadar, about 25.2 million users are estimated to still be using Windows XP. Many businesses, particularly small businesses have not had any issues with the way their systems run leading them to believe that nothing is wrong.

Sadly, this mistake can cost many businesses time, money, and loss of business because unbeknownst to them they had an vulnerability in their system that was exploited. We live in a virtual world now, and everyone has access to a hand held computer 24/7. IT systems are constantly under attack and more susceptible to being exploited even if it is unintentional.

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